OHNOKH∆N's homage to the little things that bind us and drive us apart. A de- and re-construction of the heart song of Pink Floyd's legendary prismatic album, Dark Side of The Moon. Released 12/2/22.

Reverence FINAL.jpeg

OHNOKHN'S Debut Album:

OHOKHN's debut album, REVERENCE is the culmination of several years of the indie-electro trio's work. It is a beautiful amalgamation of musical and artistic influences and a manifesto of OHNOKH∆N's future and past. Released June 18, 2021.

A re-mix of OHNOKHAN's debut single, Tides, by internationally acclaimed mindfulness and electronica artist, DJ Taz Rashid

OHOKHN's first single off REVERENCE and a riveting musical exploration of the unseen and immovable forces that push and pull every one of us. Featuring Sarah Slaton (Edison), and Sarah Joelle (Lola Rising). Released 3/5/21.

OHNOKH∆N's second single from REVERENCE and a glimpse into the depth of the Denver trio's musical offerings. An unsettling journey that will leave the listener wondering as to who is speaking: the man, the machine, or the ghost. Released 4/16/21.

OHNOKH∆N's third single from REVERENCE, An homage to the times in which we live. The messy, dysfunctional, and divisive reality we each experience daily. And yet, there is beauty in hope...if we choose it. Featuring Loop Story of Float Like a BuffaloReleased 5/28/21.